Meet the Herd Sires…

At Triple Crown Ranch we have a powerful lineup of Registered Brangus Herd Sires and Crossbred Herd Sires. These herd sires make our goal, of raising sound, functional cattle that will dominate the show ring and the pasture, possible. If you would like more information about our Herd Sires and semen opportunities, please Contact Us, or view our Semen Sales page.

Registered Brangus Sires

TCR Little Man 430F
Registration Number: R10388969 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: TCR Blackout 222A
Dam: SCC Miss Brightside 430X

Registration Number: R10278440 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: DDD Uppercuts Legacy 804X37
Dam: Dougets Juliet 103S6

TCR Sampson 313Y
Registration Number: R10197092 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: Dougets Hercules 88S3
Dam: LCC Ms Class Act 313T1

TCR Beast 88C
Registration Number: R10404976 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: DDD Unleashed 150U16
Dam: TCR Jenny 157/88B

DDD/ZYB Savage 488F7
Registration Number: R10419937 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: DDD Dynamite 804A2
Dam: DDD Ms Eleanor 488Z9

TCR Smooth Criminal 1214D
Registration Number: R10344886 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: TCR Sampson 313Y
Dam:TCR Fiona 1214Y

Registration Number: R10305588 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: TCR Sampson 313Y
Dam: TCR Fiona 1214Y

Registration Number: R10305773 (View pedigree an EPDs)
Sire: Doguets Hercules 88S3
Dam: (TCR)SCC Madonna 859N

Dougets Hercules 88S3
Registration Number: R10048645 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: Brinks Bright Side 607H10
Dam: Ms WR Freda 88K

Cross-Bred Herd Sires

HL Risky Business
Sire: Business Done Right
Dam: HL 825

Sire: Beast on a Leash
Dam: "Jenny" Brangus Cross

King Kong
Sire: Maine
Dam: Cigar